No Safety From The Storm Of Deception

September 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

No Safety From The Storm Of Deception is a concurrent theme (see Sister's A Gas).  

It also originated from my childhood experiences.

Based again on the concern for safety from nuclear holocaust in the early 1960s.  

We were taught to hide under a school desk if a nuclear event took place.

This image steps away from an individual Icon to an Iconic moment or personal memory.  

Not much has changed over the years as deception still prevails.

The Masters Of War* are alive and well, while our blood runs in the gutter.  

As a so called enlightened society, will we ever learn from the past?

*©Bob Dylan Thank you Bob.

No Safety From The Storm Of Deception

wet plate collodion, portraits, icons, Return Of Icons ProjectNo Safety From The Storm Of Deception072814
Collodion on Black Aluminum
Universal Studio Camera



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