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Meet Sid

August 22, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I have a new member in my family.  

Sid came to me one dark moon lit night, as I walked among the cold stones in our local graveyard.

His grave no longer suited him, his stone had been broken.  He needed a new place to stay.  We struck a deal.

He would be welcome at my place.  In exchange for rent, he would sit for me in collodion wet plate projects I have planned.

When I told him about future collodion projects, he seemed quite comfortable with the idea of wet plate.  

He asked why we were still using collodion.

I told him, "It's a bastardly thing we do, and you'll come to love it".

Apparently, these up coming projects are not to be his first time in front of a wet plate camera.  

Haaa, He was confused when I did these test shots of him with my Hasselblad.  He was quite taken with the new technology.

Please do use the link to see the full images of Sid.  I look forward to working with him.  Enjoy!

Sid's gallery images



Sid Sid Sid Sid Sid


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