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Collodion Wet PLate Dark Box

September 27, 2013  •  2 Comments

My new Jardin dark box is mobile and works very well in full daylight. 

Dimensions are 36x24x24. Click on the images to link to the box itself at Amazon. 

For the dark cloth, I used black out curtains from a local curtain place. 

I tacked four individual 80x50 sheets together (the fourth side is open) with Beacon Fabri-tac glue.  

The tops of the curtain are connected by an adjustable length bungee chord which is pulled tight at the back of the box with the box inside the shroud.

It is open on the bottom as the box sits on it. 

I just pull it over and tight around myself. 

The plate holder you see inside is a new Jody Ake 5x7 plate holder.  Check them out at In Camera Industries

Advantages:  It is compact, light and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

For now I prefer to leave mine assembled.  

Depending on what dimension box you use, it will fit into the back of your vehicle.

Looking for a larger size?  Jardin makes a variety of sizes up to and including small room sizes.

















For primary interior lighting I decided to use RiteLite LPL704 Battery-Operated 12-LED Under-Cabinet Track Light.


 I simply cut out ruby lith discs and covered the LCD lites using super glue.   As a precaution to avoid any light leak on the outer edges, I used red nail polish. These overheads are nice.  They swivel and have directional movements as well as a dimmer switch.  It takes 6 AAAs.  I mounted it on a wood cross bar which fits nicely across the top of the box and slides front to back, wherever needed.  





I addition to the overheads, I still use the trusty Petzl TacTikka Plus 4-LED Headlamp which can also be found at Amazon.  


John Fink Jr. Fine Art & Collodion Photography
Glad this helped you Jan.
Great idea with this lights! It looks that this will be solve my problems with the dark in my mobile dark room :)
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