Past Lives

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"Past Lives" will be an ongoing project that will cover my past to this poiint.  

Things I have done, my enjoyments.  Who knows, perhaps things I wish I had done.

The images and titles will be self explanatory.

Throughout my life, the two predominant constants have been music and photography.  

I have always been attracted not only to the process of both. but also the myth and history that enriches culture as a result.  

That's not to say music and photography will be the only items represented here, far from it, but they are my passion.

Yes, these images will have a certain nostalgic quality to them.  

They will be mixed with an emotional content and connection that is natural and unavoidable by it's very nature.

So Enjoy!  

Please click on images for gallery view.

Mandolin & Hat

wet plate collodion, alumitype, tinplate, the past lives project, still lifeThe Mandolin & Hat021014<br/>5x7 Alumitype


Celluloid Memories

wet plate collodion, ferrotype, tinplate, the past lives project, still lifeCelluloid Memories031014
Celluloid Memories

Universal Studio No.7





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