Sister's A Gas - "The Mask Series"

August 29, 2014  •  2 Comments

"Sister's A Gas"  My contribution to the fantastic 

"Wet Plate Collodion International Collaborative Collection","The Mask Series",

"Images Captured from International Artists with a Common Prop Theme"

First, let me say it is an honor to take part in this wonderful project,
alongside so many brilliant artists in the wet plate collodion world.  
People from all over the globe, dedicated to an historic mid-19th century photographic process.
I would also like to thank my dear friend Shane Balkowitsch, the organizer of this exciting project.  
A true gentleman and wonderful collodion artist.  Thank you Mr. Balkowitsch!
Sister's A Gas came about in a slow and methodical fashion.  
Centered around the M10 Gas Mask, it brought back specific childhood memories.
They struck a cord and brought ideas on what image I would create.
As a grade school student during the Sixties, at a time when many thought we were very close to nuclear annihilation,
we were taught benign survival techniques.  One I remember well was hiding under our school desk.  
I went to a parochial school.  I remember well having nuns tell us to get under our desks, to put our head between our legs.
This is the basis for the image Sister's A Gas.  One has to see the humor in these childhood absurdities.  
So sister, I don't know what stockings you wore, but here you are.
As an adult, you damned well knew that getting under the desk wasn't going to save us from a nuclear bomb.
Did you know it would leave this strong impression on us for life?  Did you care?
The M10 has it's head between your legs now and we like the view!  Sister's A Gas!
Sister's A Gas Studio Teasers


Endre Szabó(non-registered)
Cool! Thanks write:)
Shane Balkowitsch(non-registered)
Bravo, love the image and playfulness.
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